Sky 7th

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In this website, I like to mention some basic essential concept about religion, about our creator God. What we need to do to make God happy. What acts we have to be refrained that makes God un-happy.

Who is God

God is a absolute power. He is everywhere. He has control on time and space. He says, he made 7 skies and he is beyond the 7th. He says, he has a very big throne lifted by Angels. He describes himself by a proper name "Allah"

Which act may make God un-happy and is a fore ever punishable in Hell

The biggest sin is un-believing or a false believe on God and his messengers.
Next big sin is, taking someones life, that could be anything-human or animal.
Or doing Suicide, these are straight path to Hell.
Anyone who who orders killing anyone or has any indirect role in this act will live in Hell possible forever.
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